Airtel Is Bringing VoWiFi In December Know What Are The benefits

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India’s big telecom company Airtel has been testing VoWi-Fi for some time. It is being tested at many locations in India. But the question is, is it VoWi-Fi and what are its benefits? You will know about VoLTE, as Reliance Jio launched its service with VoLTE.


According to a report by ET Telecom, Beta testing for VoWi-Fi calling was done by Airtel with select users and its own implants. It is being told that it will be launched officially in the next month i.e. December. However, it is not clear whether this service will be started simultaneously in the entire country or it will be offered only at select locations.


The basic advantage of VoWi-Fi will be that by using the WiFi network, voice calling from your smartphone will be better. There is still a problem in the network inside the house and due to this there are problems in calling, but this will not happen after this service.


In many countries, telecom companies provide this service, but in India, Airtel will become the first company to launch this service on a large scale. Although Reliance Jio is also preparing to launch this kind of service, it is being said in the reports. After the arrival of VoWi-Fi, the WiFi network will be used for voice calling.


For this, your smartphone should also be eligible for this technology. For this, there will be no need to give extra charge by the customers.

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