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Its time to talk about the latest of the Samsung news. Something that has never happened before, might happen. We will actually going to change the galaxy note line up forever along with the galaxy note 10 we have something really exciting coming our way and that is the sliding rotating pop-up selfie monster galaxy A80 and A90.

Coming official on april the 10th, we just got its full specs sheet. So before we get into the juicy details we will talk first about its price. So Samsung galaxy note 10 price would be in between 850$ to 900$ (unconfirmed).

All right now back at the topic we have the league specs for the galaxy a90 and its actually looking pretty good. So it confirms that it is indeed coming with the unannounced snapdragon 755 chip that is a lighter version of the snapdragon again 855 it has more single core score compared to this navigon 845, so it’s a really strong chips gonna rock a 6.7 inch OLED display with a 1080p HD plus resolution we’ve got a 3700 mah battery.

samsung galaxy note 10

Now about the galaxy note 10, we talked before in other articles about how the note 10 actually has a buttonless design. The south korea reports said that there will be no power key, no Bixby, no volume button. Instead, there will be pressure-sensitive force gestures functionality on the phone and in our opinion that’s a huge change something that can happen for the S11. We personally think it’s not gonna happen on the galaxy note 10 but they actually report that it could happen on the note 10 especially after the similarities we have with the galaxy s10 line up.

They have horizontal cameras, everything is just very similar the only difference these days will be the S-Pen between the note and the S lineup. So something like this could actually happen again we will wait for more leaks but south Korean media came out with another major leaks saying that Samsung for the first time will be launching a smaller version of the galaxy note 10. It could be called as galaxy note 10e.

The Samsung galaxy s10e is the first of the generation, it has been pretty successful and in our opinion is going to be a future flagship killer phone in a couple of month when the price will draw. It shared a lot of great specs from its bigger brother and maybe because of the success of the s10e, Samsung might bring a galaxy note 10e. Now the note phones are always the biggest and the baddest they are meant to be humongous with huge display along with that S-Pen.

So seeing a smaller note 10E is a very different decision. The main galaxy note 10 or the note 10 plus is rumoured to come with 6.75 inch dynamic amoled screen and that is going to be a huge display compared to the 6.4 inch display we see on the S10 plus. So it might actually be uncomfortable for people who have small hands. At that high screen size it’s going to be the most gorgeous display ever.

So the galaxy note 10e is expected to rock with a 6.4inch display, so its gonna be a lot smaller in terms of size compared to the note 10 plus and also it will lose on some of the features as well like the galaxy s10e. So instead of 4 cameras of the galaxy note templates, we’re gonna see 3 cameras on the back of the note 10e and possibly no in distinguished scanners.

So we could see a side fingerprint scanner on the note 10e as well similar to the S10e. which is actually really really quick, so pretty much galaxy note 10e is a galaxy s10 plus with s-pen like we always said we have more similarities between the S and the note line up than any of the year before because of that horizontal camera design you’ve got very less difference in the looks department.

So despite all the similarities, Samsung is not merging the two lineups, they are still keeping them separate and one thing that provides the most difference is the S Pen functionality. So that’s going to be the major difference between the s10 and note line up. So the galaxy note any could cost 850$. Whereas the note 10 plus that’s gonna rock in near 6.8-inch display will have a camera setup similar to galaxy s10 5g whether it will be buttonless or not we don’t know. We still have to wait for more leaks on that.

Also, Samsung is working on a new chip that is called Exynos 9710 is gonna be based on an eight-nanometer process that is similar to the Exynos 9820 of the S state. Which makes this the most powerful Samsung mid-range chip ever. There is a slight chance that Samsung might actually debut on the galaxy A90 because a90 is coming to the United States as well whats Navigant 755. So in asian markets, it could rock Exynos 9710 chips.

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