Crossbeats Evolve 2020 Review Is It The Best Wireless Earbuds

When Apple decided to phase out the headphone jack on their iPhone, the whole world rejected their decision because by then everyone was used to the 3.5 mm jack. But at that time only Apple knew why he did it. And now everyone probably knows that Apple had turned this option off so that it could launch its wireless earbuds.

All these earbuds known as TWS, which full form is truely wireless stereo. Whose market is running very hot nowadays. The new company is launching its products and the old comapnies are not far behind in this and new earbuds continue to enter the market in the coming days. To increase this competition, a comnapny named Crossbeats has also stepped into the market. So today we will review Crossbeats Evolve.

Crossbeats is a name that has not been able to dominate the Indian market yet, because most people are attracted to companies that have already made a name in the market such as Skullcandy, Sony, JBL etc. But we would like to say that once new comapnies should also be given a chance, maybe they have put their products in the market with a lot of hard work and their products are really good! And you can buy Crossbeats Evolve 2020 from Amazon and if you don’t like it, you can also return it within 10 days, according to Amazon’s policy.

Crossbeats Evolve 2020 Features

Now let’s talk about what is so special about this product that makes it different from its competitor. First we will tell you that who its competitors are. Crossbeats evolve 2020 has competitors Noise Shots XO which is available on Amazon for Rs 5,499, another is Noise Shots X5 Charge priced at Rs. 4,499, JBL C100TWS priced at Rs. 3,999 and Realme Buds Air priced at Rs. 3,999. So let’s see some of the Crossbeats Evolve!

  • Bass Boost Effects – It uses a dual driver for good Bass Boost sound, which makes the earbuds sound like you can hear in a concert and also with the aptX HD chipset.
  • Design – Its design is designed in such a way that it can fit well in your ear and on doing anything it does not fall out of your ear and it will be comfortable fit in your ear.
  • Play Time 24 Hours – You can go to Pehenke’s gym, go to your work or talk to anyone wirelessly and these earbuds will give you 24 hours of playtime. Which earbuds will give you a backup of about 6 hours and after that the charging case will give you its 3 charge, so that you will get enough backup for entertainment throughout the day.
  • Waterproof and Dustproof – This earbuds is protected with IPX4, it will be safe even if it is dusty roads or accidentally falls into the water.
  • Apt-X Chipset – Due to this new chipser you will get a new experience because the latency issue which is the main problem in bluetooth earbuds, it has been tried to end it.

Crossbeats evolve 2020 review

If seen, these earbuds are a bit expensive, but there are some features inside it that make it different and we will say that in this price range we have not seen these features in any other earbuds. Now if we talk about its sound which is the most important thing of an earbud, then we will give this earbud number 8.5 out of 10. Which is a good score for an earbud.

  • Bass – Due to the dual drivers, it has an very nice sound, in fact its bass is very good, as Indian users like. For the Bass it can outperform any good earbud. Mid and the vocals are also clear and the treble is also good. Overall it is going to give you a very good sound experience.
  • Size – If we talk according to size then we may feel a little bigger side. And because of the extra ear tips, you can adjust it according to the size of your ears.
  • Price– We get to see a significant difference in its price. If you buy it from amazon then you will have Rs. 5499’s. But if you buy it from Crossbeats website, then it is worth Rs. 4999. Crossebeats overall website is offering a discount of 5% and at the same time holi offers are also being offered, by which you can get this product for just Rs. 4275. The best wireless bluetooth earbuds in this price range come out.
  • Discount Code – COLORME10

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