Fed up with fake banking SMS on mobile Google found its solution

fake banking messages

If you use an Android smartphone, then Google has released a working feature for you. Generally, there are a lot of spam messages in smartphones throughout the day. Many SMS also influence you and ask for sensitive information related to banking.


Many times it happens that you find it difficult to understand whether the message that has come on your mobile is real or fake. To identify this, Google has started Verified SMs and Spam Protection which is for messages.


This feature of Verified SMS is being introduced in countries like USA, Mexico, Brazil, UK, France, Spain and Canada including India. If a link comes in a message that is not safe for you, then in the message itself you will get information about it that this link is unsafe.


Google has said, ‘With Spam Protection we will inform you about the Suspended Spam and Unsafe website. If you see any suspected spam warning message, then it can help us understand whether it is spam or not.


Google has said that initially, some businesses have signed up for this verified SMS. Currently in India, Google Pay and Google’s verification codes are being enrolled for verified SMS. In the beginning, if there are such messages from any companies that are not right, then you will be warped from Google in the message.

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