Google blocked this popular app of Xiaomi Know what is the reason behind this

Xiaomi Mi CC9

The Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi’s track record regarding bloatware in smartphones has not been good. There are many pre-installed apps on the smartphone and users also see advertisements.


A Quick App of the company is given in Xiaomi’s smartphone. Google Play Protect has started blocking this app. Google Play Protect is a service by Google under which apps from the Google Play Store are scanned.


Google has blocked Xiaomi’s Quick App. The reason is that this app can collect and track data from users. Obviously, data can be collected and used incorrectly. Even if there is no wrong use, this data can be used to make money by giving targeted advertisements.


Redmi smartphone users are complaining about this on social media. Users are upset and seeking answers from the company. The company has said that users do not need to be bothered by this and talks are being done with Google. Xiaomi has also shunned his stance by saying that it could possibly be because the algorithm of Google Play Protect is being changed.


It is worth noting that Xiaomi’s smartphone has some pre-installed apps that you cannot remove. Among these is also Quick Apps. According to a report by Piunikaweb, Quick Apps has more than 55 system-level permissions, including audio-video recording. Apart from this, it also has permission to collect information related to the SIM.

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