Hacking threat on more than 1 billion Android smartphones

Vivo Nex 3

(Which) Cyber ​​Security Firm, Has claimed that more than 1 billion Android smartphones around the world have flaws. These smartphones do not provide security updates, due to which they can be hacked. This cyber security watch dog has said that this is a more serious problem for Android smartphone users launched in 2012 or earlier. So far, Google has not released any statement on this report.


This security watch dog has also raised questions on Android smartphone companies including Google. This agency says that mobile companies need to be transparent with users regarding software updates. Usually, no matter how expensive the smartphone companies may be, but they do not clear how many years you will continue to get Android updates. Most Android smartphones stop receiving updates only after two to three years.


According to a BBC report, Google’s own data says that 42.1% of Android users worldwide have Android 6.0 or below. Security Watch Dog Which? Has found in its study that 2 out of 5 Android users around the world are no longer given security updates.


This agency has tested five smartphones. These include Moto X, Samsung Galaxy A5, Sony Xperia Z2, Nexus 5 and Samsung Galaxy S6. Which? Has said that the help of Anti Virus Lab AV Comparives was taken to check it. This agency affected these five smartphones with malware and malware was easily injected into all phones.


This security watchdog says that mobile companies should not take any offense in the support of their users. Which according to a BBC report? The computing editor of the agency has said, ‘It is strange that the life of expensive smartphones is also short, in which soon the security updates stop getting. Because of this, millions of people can fall prey to hacking.


How can I avoid this?


There is no rocket science in it. If the phone does not get the software and updates from Android 6 or earlier, then it is time to get a new phone.


If you do not want to get a new phone, then take care in running your smartphone. That is, avoid downloading any app and do not access such websites which contain doubtful content.

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