Here is how you can get Ullu app free redeem code 2019

You all must know about the Ullu app. This is a video streaming app that you can download for both Android and iTunes for free. Customers can view web series, movies, and exclusive Ullu shows. At the moment, this app is new, it does not have a lot of movies or web series in it, you can say just selected programs are there which you can count on your fingers.

As you know the app was just launched a few months back, then you can assume more web series from this app in the future. In this app, you can watch different types of shows like Drama, horror, suspense, thriller, and comedy, etc.

If we see as of today, there are many new apps coming in the market which are making web series like this. Since Netflix has had success in India and it has attracted many customers on its side, and Amazon prime also landed in the market and also made its name in the market.

Just so, the market of such apps has grabbed and many more companies have launched this type of apps where you can see such kind of web series or movies. To be honest, nobody will ever make web series like Netflix because the quality of web series they have is just superb. It is a different thing that Netflix is ​​a little expensive, so everybody cannot afford it.

Now if you talk to the ullu app then you can download it in free but after downloading you have to create an account. By creating an account you can only watch 1st 4 episode free and then ullu offers you different membership plans to suit your needs. For example, you have to pay 36rs for a monthly plan and 99rs for a yearly plan. I think its not an expensive thing.

The answers to some questions related to the ullu app are given below, which you can read-

What kind of web series does ullu app have?

On the Ullu app, you can see all kinds of web series like drama, thriller, etc. and some adult web series are also in their app. So keep your kids away from this app.

Is ullu app subscription good?

A big question raised here whether the subscription value of the app is worth or not. So I will tell you that I have watched 3 to 4 episode of their web series, so if I talk about acting then acting is good by the artists but now if we talk about the story line here, then I would say story wise they are not worth.

Now if we come back to the subscription point, then 99rs is not too much for 1 year subscription, if you are getting full membership in 99rs then you can buy it. I think 99rs for 365 days is not expensive. But If you buy the same subscription in 999rs for 1 year then I would say that it is not worth any value. But if you are a huge fan of adult web series than I must say you will definately recover your 99rs.

Does Ullu App have Free Subscription option?

This app also has a free redeem coupon option. If you have ullu app free subscription code, you can also enjoy this app for free. Now you might be thinking that where to get this free subscription code? At present, the company has not provided any subscription code on its behalf on the internet.

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