Is Huawei P30 Pro is best phone they ever launched

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I gotta say the huawei P30 pro is the best phone from huawei till now and its not sold in the US, this is the fact. But if you can get one in the US from somewhere which you still can, you should know rest of all too. What People are really here for is the camera and we will get to that but the rest of the phone pretty damn good too. So the easiest way to think about this phone is its an upgraded design of the P20 pro but with all the best features of the mate 20 pro. Its price is Rs. 71,990 in india.

Huawei P30 Pro


So aesthetically you can tell huawie definitely knows they struck gold with this really unique triple colour gradient look I’d bet money that was their number one seller of the p20 pro because now all of them have this look, so there is a red gradient one and pearly white gradient one and personally my favourite a sort of green to blue to purple aurora starburst kind of thing ryan’s me actually of one of those classic windows wallpapers but yet it stand out if you are about that psychedelic look this is the one for you. If not you can easily go with full matt black.


So huawie like I have mentioned has sort of taken after Samsung a little bit with their aesthetic but they have also curved out some things that are their own some of them for the better, some of them not so much. So the psychedelic a triple colour thing sure all you want. On the top and bottom they own that the shape of the camera bump they sort of own that too but its pretty huge this legit wobbles on a table to point where it’s actually noticeable that could bother some people.

Speaker and Power button

The speaker down there at the bottom, it’s consistent with other phones and its decently loud but doesn’t sound great and it’s disappointingly really easy to accidentally block with a single finger and there is no earpiece speaker to balance that out and then the whole button situation is kind of interesting. So first of all the power and volume rocker are on the same side, kind of wish they weren’t. then on most phones a double tab of the power button is your camera shortcut, on this phone double tapping the power button doesn’t do that. It just sleeps and wakes really fast

Than holding down the power button isn’t for shutting down, that will get you to google assistant. So that accented to power button has a long press it sort of doubles as a voice assistant trigger and then power and volume down is still a screen shot, power and volume up starts to screen recording and then to turn the phone off entirely you have to hold down the power button, don’t say anything to google assistant and then keep waiting for another 2 or 3 seconds to get the shut down menu that pops up over google assistant.

So it’s just a little bit of a taste of the finicky nests of this phone but that’s just the huawei way.

Check Box

If you like a phone that does check a lot of boxes, this one does it. You got your premium built quality, there’s ip68 water resistance, there is expandable storage, your high end specs, its all there. It also has the earpiece speaker behind the glass, so this whole top third of the phone is the earpiece and it even tells you where to put up your ear to listen to it and it doesn’t buzz at all like LG’s did. So its sounds great. It doesn’t double as a second front facing speaker though.I think some people would trade it for a real speaker, so that you didn’t have such an easily mutable source of audio but hey that’s the huawei way.

Fingerprint reader

But you know what else behind the glass is that fingerprint reader. Its decent at best we found it fine its optical so its another one of those first-generation fingerprint readers that works about as well as any other like the one in the oneplus 6t. we actually found it to be faster than the ultra sonic one in the Samsung galaxy s10, but we think a lot of the optical ones are what we do like is that its smart about showing you where the reader is as soon as you pick up the phone. So you can quickly unlock it while the screen is off and its pretty good about that but it still has to  shine that annoyingly bright light. So in screen fingerprint readers are still in the early stages of actually getting good.


The display is a good one too. Its very very bright and very high resolution, looks great for videos and games. Its not the brightest but it is definitely viewable outdoors. We might be starting to get over the sort of bleeding over the edge thing that they have done with this phone and Samsung has done a little bit we kind torn on it because they get a little extra glare on the side but it still looks really cool but it definitely hasn’t been anywhere near stopping anybody using the phone and liking it.

Headphone jack and battery

Sadly no headphone jack in this phone, p30 does have one that p30 pro does not same thing as last year. That’s about the only box this phone doesn’t check that along with sterio speakers. And the performance is all around excellent. So its super responsive and fast and thanks to the ki-rin 980 and 8gb of ram which is awesome. It actually goes hand in hand with the incredible battery life.

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