JBL T205 BT Bluetooth Earphones Review! Really bass boosted?

So today we are talking about JBL T205 bt Bluetooth earphones. Is this earphone good or bad? What is the price of jbl t205 earphones? Let’s talk about all the questions here.

Many of us want good earphones and will go with a slightly higher budget but want better sound quality if we are music lovers. So let’s see if this is good enough of that JBL branding. Its MRP is Rs. 2999, but you can purchase it from Amazon for Rs. 1799 as of now.

If we talk about its specs first, then it says Pure bass sound, handsfree calling and tangle free, comfort fit and all. We also get a USB to micro USB cable bundles with this earphone. You don’t get any extra earbuds because it’s not compatible here. As you see in the picture above, these earphones are like airpods so they sit on your ears. The upper part of the earphones are made from plastic and we sort of slightly soft plastic and some silver metallic thing was there also.

In the middle of the earphones, you can find the main connector with the LED light. If the lights were blue that means its actually connected to the phone. We also have an integrated microphone over the connector. You got one flap also on the connector which is a micro USB port, using which you can actually charge this and roughly it takes about 2 hours to charge full.

The connector is made entirely from plastic and has a couple of buttons over there which is main power button and you have also the plus and minus button over there but again these are not sort of physical button to your resist. So you have to press it slightly on the hardest side and you can even change tracks with this.

It pairs easily with any smartphone. On the phone, it also gives you an idea about the battery life that is left and in fact, if the battery falls below 10 percent, a permanent notification will come over you phone notification panel that the battery is low.

Now let’s talk about what we feel about this earphone. So we divided into various parameters so that you can get a very good idea, for example, we will talk about the comfort, fed, battery life, Bluetooth range, how good a while taking cellular calls over Bluetooth and lastly music output which is the most important part for any earphones.


First, let’s talk about comfort and as we talk previously they are not in your style, so they slide like airpods in your ears and for us they are pretty comfortable but again we would say these are like apple earpods. So many people feel that the earpods are very comfortable but for a certain set of users, the airpods are never comfortable. So its totally depend on your ears because everyone has different ears.

If airpods are not comfortable for you than these are also not comfortable for you. But for us they are pretty comfortable, we continuously listen to the music or about 1 ½ hours also on this one and they were fine and regarding the fit it is as fit as good, it did not just fall out of our ears. We were not recommended this if you have smaller ears.

Battery life

Now let’s talk about battery life. On the box, they say about 6 hours of battery life and we would say in our testing, we didn’t listen to the music continuously for all the time but we also taking some calls and using. We would say the battery life is just about 4 ½ hours to 5 hours that you would get. So in terms of battery life, it’s very very average.

Bluetooth range

Now let’s talk about the Bluetooth range on this one. Surprisingly the Bluetooth range is actually really good on this one and to give you a very rough estimate we would say if you keep your smartphone in the center of your house and your house is around 1500 square feet then you can move entirely in your house and the Bluetooth connectivity will not disconnect.

Music quality

Now finally let’s talk about music quality because we personally feel for a Bluetooth headset the music listening experience is the most important thing because you are paying that premium for the quality of music that you will get and yeah we would say we were pleasantly surprised. We weren’t expecting this result and on the boards and even the Amazon branding it says bass, pure bass, extended bass and all.

So here let’s start with the bass and yes the bass is definitely extended boosted bass we would say but again it’s not so heavily boosted that the music sounds actually unnatural. The amount of bass this earphone have, we liked it very much. But if you are a very heavy bass listener, then these earphones are not made for you.

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