Lenovo Ego HX07 Smartwatch review and features

lenovo ego smartwatch

In this article, we will talk about the Lenovo ego smartwatch HX07. This watch is price tag just Rs. 1999 and if you are planning to buy MI band but you don’t want to buy a band because it doesn’t look like a watch or doesn’t feel like a watch than this can be a great replacement for that. This is a watch which also comes with lots of functionality like heart rate monitor, steps tracking and everything like that. If you want a digital watch with all these functionalities than this is probably the watch to go for.

IN the BOX

We will get a charging cable inside the box and that will charge this watch at 5 volts. It comes with a 100 mAh battery capacity which is supposed to last for 20 days. We have used this watch for about last 1 week and the battery is still 50% to 60%. The retail price of this watch is mentioned Rs. 2999 at the box but you will get this watch from Flipkart at just Rs. 1999.

Frankly speaking, after looking at this watch we remembered our childhood days, where I wanted to have this type of watch but none of them was water resistance or have heart rate monitor at that time and obviously at that particular time it was not possible.


This watch comes with the fiber type of material. If you have used any type of digital watch which looks like this than you will know about this material. All these kind of watches usually come with this type of strap. But this one feels fantastic and feels very simple as well. The entire watch is made out of this fiber material, so its soft to touch but its rugged as well if we hit it slowly on the table. We will pretty sure nothing will going to happen to this watch after hitting hard as well. So when it comes to build quality we will going to give it a thumbs up.

Water resistance

If you will go 50 meters deep inside the water, the watch will still function fine.


If we look at the watch, it comes with 4 buttons and its similar to any other digital watch.

  • Light
  • Start
  • Reset
  • Mode


When you receive a message you will get a notification on this watch. If you receive a message on Facebook, WhatsApp, etc then it will say have you got a message and if you will receive a message on Facebook and WhatsApp than again it will say only message. If you receive a call it will just blink as call over the screen and it will not tell you, which specific person is calling you. You will have to take your phone out of the pocket to see which person is calling you. So these are some of the limitations when it comes to the notification access but this is supposed to be a digital watch which will calculate your steps and everything like that.

Heart Rate Monitor

The heart rate works perfectly on the watch. We have tested it multiple time and the reading was very close to any other heart rate monitor device.

All features

The Lenovo EGO smartwatch has a sporty robust design and it comes only in one color and that is none other than black. This watch is not so heavy, it weighs just 42 grams, so you can easily wear it at your wrist anytime. Lenovo said that its smartwatch has a battery life of nearly 20 days and believe me they are not lying.

This smartwatch has a 42mm non-reflective display with fitness tracker, light mode and it is water resistant. It also offers continuous real-time heart rate monitoring which is really accurate and sleep tracking, so you can also wear it while sleeping. For fitness, it tracks, distance, steps, calories burned as well as exercise like running, cycling, swimming, etc.

Lenovo Life App and Connectivity

Lenovo Ego Smartwatch connects with your mobile with an app called Lenovo Life app. In this application, you will get all the things such as walked steps, calorie burn, heart rate avg, sleep monitor, etc.  You can say this app is the central place to see all data including some of the fitness parameters. There is almost no lag between the smartwatch and smartphone. If you going to profile in this app in HX07 column and if you want to enable notifications or anything like that then go to smart reminder and enable all the things that you want and you have to give the respective permissions.

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