Motorola Razr 2019 Foldable Phone Will Launch On November 13

motorola razr 2019
Pic Credit: Yanko Design

Information about Motorola’s new and first foldable smartphone has been coming out for a long time. So far, many information related to the specifications of this phone has also been revealed. Many of the renders have also seen a glimpse of the design of the phone. At the same time, now on the launch date of Moto Razr phone, it has been revealed that this phone will be launched on November 13.


The company is going to hold an event on November 13, in which it will be launched. Invites for this event are being sent to the media. It is being speculated that Motorola razor foldable phone will be launched on this day. It is reported that it will be introduced as Motorola Razor 2019.


Vice President of Motorola confirmed that the company plans to launch a foldable phone this year. But he did not disclose the specification of Motorola Razor 2019.


According to CNet’s report, a jiff has been used in media invoices sent by Motorala. In this jiff, the phone is shown folded and unfolded. It has also written a date for November 13, which is expected to mark the return of the Motorola Razr on this day.


However, regarding the Moto Razor phone, it is being said that the phone will be based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 chipset. This phone will be based on the mid-range chipset Octa-core SoC. The phone will get 2.2 GHz claw speed. Apart from this, the report says that the phone will have Motorola 27 W turbopower charging. The device will have a 2,730 mAh battery for power backup.


The design of this phone was seen on WIPO in January 2019, after which it was clear that the company is working on a foldable phone. At the same time, information about this device has been coming out for quite some time. The CEO of the company shared the teaser of razor phones last year. At the same time, the flip phone was visible with foldable screen in some patent renders.

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