Oneplus Concept Smartphone Will Launch On 7 January 2020


The computer electronic show ie CES 2020 is beginning in USA, Las Vegas from 7 January 2020. Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus has said that the company will introduce the Concept One during CES 2020. OnePlus has shared a short video clip on social media. But nothing is clear from this video. There is no information about what the company will launch on this day.


OnePlus has said that this first Concept Phone is being offered as part of the celebrations of the company’s sixth anniversary. This concept phone will be named Concept One. The company will hold a special event during CES 2020 in Las Vegas on January 7, where the Concept One will be presented.


The company launched 13 smartphones till the date and now they are preparing to bring a concept smartphone. Futuristic technology can be used in this smartphone and it is expected that its design will be quite different from the design of all previous OnePlus smartphones.


OnePlus said in a press statement, ‘Concept One, as the name suggests, is the first of this series and represents a commitment to Oneplus’ innovative technology. It will bring Faster, Smooth and Burdenless Experience for users’


One Plus has indicated that the Concept One will be different in terms of design and will be given top specifications. The company has also talked about the future smartphone approach here, which means that the company can showcase the smartphone concept with a foldable display.

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