Pixel 3a review after 6 days of regular use

google pixel 3a review

Finally at long last Google has responded to our frustrated cries and launched little beauty here called Pixel 3a, otherwise known as the pixel phone for people who don’t have big fat stacked wallets. Not since the days of Nexus 5 have we have been this excited about a Google-branded handset.

We really like the original pixel 3 but that mere Rs. 39,999 asking price is crazier than a barrel full of monkeys. Especially considering the strong value offered by various Chinese mobile manufacturers and so enter the pixel 3a which rocks pretty much the same cameras mod is the full-fat pixel 3 but for a much more palatable 400 pounds.

We have been using the pixel 3a as our full-time personal handset for the past 6 days and here is how we are getting on with it so far our early review. Have a squint at the pixel 3a and you could easily confuse it for the original pixel 3. Alongside the galaxy s10e, this is one of the most compact handsets that we have fondled in 2019 and that’s despite the relatively thick bezels frame in that 5.6-inch display. Frankly, we would forget how good it felt to handle something under six inches.

Here on the pixel 3a, you do get a basic polycarbonate case in compared with the gorilla glass finish on the original, it’s a cost-cutting measure we are perfectly happy with google’s midrange still feels perfectly premium with that sim two-toned finish available in three different colors. The black model admittedly in exactly exciting, we definitely prefer those lighter hues but thankfully the pixel 3a seems to be perfectly durable a few days of being tossed about its raw nicked form hasn’t left a single mark on the smooth surfaces.

Beware however as this handset also lacks the water resistance of that full original pixel 3. So don’t go attempting fear by taking any poolside selfies or anything like that. That’s one area where the galaxy S10e has the upper hand but I definitely prefer the positioning of the pixels fingerprint sensor compared with Samsung’s rather awkward edge mounted beast. This rear scanner works a charm for naturally under your finger when you pick up the phone.

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Now some people might like a ruddy muscle display for watching a bit of Netflix or whatever but the pixel 3a 5.6 inches screen is perfectly fine for enjoying some telly on the go. This panel is not Quad-HD wonder and there is no dedicated HDR support but the full HD Plus visuals are still pleasingly crisp, thanks to the compact finish with nice deep blacks and clean whites and on the default adaptive mode, those colors were really popped to a media lovers also well cared for on the audio front the stereo speakers setup may relegate that bottom blaster to the edge now but its still a powerful enough output for enjoying a bit of Youtube in a noisy environment.

You will get 3.5mm headphone jack in pixel 3a. You once again get full Bluetooth 5 support here also and we have had no issues with streaming either unlike the original pixel 3 at launch and the 64gb storage packed in there as well, which is fine for carrying on a decent sized media collection although unfortunately there is no expandability via microSD card.

You would hopefully expect google’s latest Android Pie OS is much lovingly on to the pixel 3a. I still personally prefer some more beliefs such as Samsung’s one UI and the likes of Nova launcher with that deeper customization. We do have occasional little grumbles like for instance the complete lack of facial recognition but to be perfectly honest nothing that makes me want to rip the sim out of the pixel 3a and slap it back into the Samsung galaxy s10e.

Anyway we don’t spend much time banging on about the software as the pixel 3a software experience is essentially the same as the pixel 3 anyone who likes a streamlined fuss-free UI will definitely get on with it and there are surprisingly deep functionality here on the pixel 3 as well and places where you might know or might expect including some behind the scenes to help keep the phone running nice and smoothly.

Speaking of the performance this phone sports the more budget-friendly snapdragon 670 chipset backed by 4gb of ram. A few gamers out there great news the pixel 3a can also easily handle the like some Pub G without soil in its drawers. The game actually selects the high detail settings by default and runs like a dream but the consistently high frame.

For battery life, the pixel 3a is 3000 mah is a slide upgrade on the original and you have the same features such as the battery saver mode. All the same even with the adaptive power mode activated, we did find that the front just about the rest of the day.

Now polycarbonate finish and the general cost-cutting means that there is no support for wireless charging it anymore but honestly who cares. Finally, the juicy bits are otherwise known as the camera tech. I was massively relieved to learn that the pixel 3a uses the same hardware and super smart software as the standard pixel 3. All the same, google did insist that the photo and video quality would be very comparable to the original pixel 3 and we have certainly found that to be the case.

The 12.2mp rear snapper grubs shop detailed snaps and tricky lighting with ease. The HDR smarts are untouchable at this sort of price point. Which is great news for those rest sunny days.

So we have come to the conclusion after six days we already convinced that Google has a winner on its hands. The pixel phones are always inaccessible to the masses of that ridiculous Negron price point but now us poor plebs can finally get our hands on that excellent camera tech and I do still absolutely adore the compact form of factor. Now its totally depend on you whether you want to buy this phone or not.

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