Samsung A80 what we like and what we don’t

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The Galaxy series has been revamped a little bit, now there’s a galaxy A10, 20, 30, 40, 50 60, 70 and now A80 and everything in between. But Samsung galaxy A80 so far is the largest and the most luxurious device out of the entire lineup and it has a new infinity display. They filled the entire surface with the screen without the notch or the punch hole camera.

samsung galaxy a80

Before we get to have the basics, what you see on phone is 6.7 inch of full HD Plus AMOLED panel without any hole or notch. But with the on-screen fingerprint reader. On the back there three cameras F 2.0 of 48 megapixels of high-resolution camera, 8 megapixels of a wide-angle camera and the 3d sensor for sensing the depth. The LED flash is right below the camera. We have noticed that these have two different color tones on the upper back because the upper side slide opens.

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On the right-hand side is a power key that doubles as a Bixby button, press and hold on it and it can give commands to the AI assistant. On the left side is a volume rocker and on top is a secondary noise-cancelling microphone. On the bottom you got the speaker, mono, microphone and USB C Port that accepts up to 25 watts of fast charge and current matching that of the galaxy S10 5g and right next to it is a SIM card tray interestingly they implemented the double sized thought so SIM card one in the side and second on the other side.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the micro SD card expansion slot nor the 3.5 mm headphone jack. So you have to use an adapter and you cant expand the storage beyond the 128gb of built-in capacity.

But before you get to any details, we have to talk about the camera. Tapping on the camera icon, we have the usual viewfinder, you have the normal angle and with the other tab on screen, you can get a wide angle. You can also go wide on the front, there is a slider with motor built-in slide on the automatic slider for front camera. And the back camera popup and rotates to the front itself and you can go wide, you can apply the live focus because it’s exactly the same camera and there’s even live focus video with the 3D t of sensor and as you switch the camera to the rear and rotates back and slice down.

Samsung galaxy a80

Now we are wondered if we can protect the camera by closing it facing the front but it’s a little thicker on the rear side, so it doesn’t seem possible to do so and plus the mechanism is a little bit louder than we thought.

Now, this definitely isn’t the first time manufacturers tried this sliding mechanism. Oppo headed with find X and number of others followed it soon enough and the rotating camera also was done by Oppo and one but we have to give Samsung some credit for combining both of them together and having two motorized mechanisms at once. Now the gap between the slider doesn’t seem too bad, they seem very tightly engineered. Same goes with the other side as its usually worried that the dust particles go within that slider and give you scratches on the rail.

Now to think about the built-in speaker is that they don’t make the sound from the conventional position, usually you expect the sound to be coming from the top corner. Well with the underskirt speaker, it comes somewhere around in the middle, so it doesn’t feel totally natural.

RAM & Storage

Lets dig in to the basics now. Its got chapter about 730 octa-core processor. That’s a pretty powerfull chipset we must say. With 8gb of RAM and 128gb of storage. Its got Samsung one UI version 1.1 based on android pie. This phone is pretty nice with adaptive brightness, blue light filter nightmare screen mode and a lot of other things.

What we doesn’t like

Since you have to share the rear camera, you can have the face recognition. You have to rely on the fingerprint reader. We know feinex made the slider pop-up everytime you open your phone for face recognition but it seems like Samsung thought it wasn’t a good idea. Most of the interesting features are hidden under advanced feature section.

For built-in app stirs not much, there’s the FM radio and quick measure since the 3D tf sensor can measure the size of the objects. Compared to the galaxy s10 plus, now that you don’t have the punch hole camera on the side, you cant use the Kim Jong-un wallpaper but it does look cleaner without that hole. We never actually cared that much about the punch hole camera but obviously, things look much nicer without that. Now as you would have guessed from the interesting mechanism it doesn’t support weather protection, so there’s no IP rating was so ever and there’s no wireless charging but do get high-end camera that could also do super steady video recording.

Price & Battery

Its got 3700 mah battery built inside. Now its packed with lot of interesting features and it doesn’t come cheap and the ear zone its gonna cost 649 euros. That’s a little over 700 bucks. The cost in the Indian market is expected to be around Rs. 45,990 so get ready to spend some good amount of money.

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