Smartwatch vs Smartband which one is better

In this article, we are going to discuss about smart watches and smart fitness bands. Which might be better for your needs and let’s talk about their history. We were very passionate about smartwatches and the first smartwatch we would say was android wear moto 360 and that was launched in October 2014 and I purchased it the first date was available in India posted straight for the full price and then again in 2015 Motorola released the second generation and I have also checked out some of the Samsung smartwatches like the gear s2 and the gear s3 and I also purchased in 2016 the fossil Q Marshall smartwatch is again running on android wear.

So we have a lot of experience with these smartwatches and we have also used a lot of smart bands, for example, we earlier used Fitbit again still they make pretty good products but slightly on the more expensive side then we have also used oriented fitness bands like the MI band, etc. so which one is better for you a smartwatch or a smartband. We have divided this into different sections and we are going to talk about it. So that you can make a better-informed decision what might be better for you a smartband or a smartwatch.

First, let’s talk about the biggest thing that people don’t consider when buying these things is battery life and here hand on these smart bands are way better. Most of these smartwatches will last you for one typical day. These days you have the Samsung gear s3 was lasting for almost two days but again what you can expect in terms of battery life but with the smart band you can get away more better battery life anywhere between it depends on the features that are enabled obviously if the smart band has a lot of features like GPS etc.

You will have a little bit less battery life but ranges anywhere between five days on an average to about even 20 days, for example, the MI band 2 can easily last for about 18 to 20 days based on usage. So in terms of battery life definitely these fitness bands are way better and I feel this very very important because these things are that what you wear and again with the smartwatch you have to charge it almost every day at night and if you forget about that, you will have a dead watch obviously.

The battery life is very important because many of the smart bands are for your fitness and stuff and many of these actually also track your sleep and if your smartwatch if you have to charge it every day at night you have to take it out and put it on the charger. So you won’t be wearing these smartwatches while you sleep. So if you want to do that sleep tracking stuff then definitely these smart bands are way better because of the battery life and also in terms of size the bands are way narrower and almost hardly they have any weight compared to the smartwatches. So in terms of

Water resistance

Now moving to water resistance most of these smart bands and even the smartwatches are water resistant but the thing is that are they really water resistant because you might have noticed most of the smartwatches comes with fancy bands, for example, leather bands etc and yes they are water resistant but the bands can get damaged if you constantly put it under water but generally smart bands have silicon or rubber bands that we get, so you don’t have to worry about water resistance. So in terms of water resistance again both are water resistant but smart bands are just more practical we feel.


Now moving to another thing which is actually pretty important and many people don’t consider this and this is comfort for all-day wearing it. Obviously again here we feel these smart bands are more comfortable to wear because they weigh in a lot less and they are a lot less bulky compared to the smartwatches. so after a while for example, if you get these smart bands after about 4 or 5 days you don’t even feel that you are wearing them. So I feel these are much more comfortable especially at night if you wait for sleep tracking.


Now moving to another important thing that is notifications and I would say smartwatches are better at the notifications. Some of the advanced smart bands do provide notification, for example, Samsung gear fit and even fit some of the Fitbit models do provide some notifications but definitely, in terms of notifications, the SmartWatch goes ahead.

Smartwatch provides a lot more notifications and yes you can also reply to some of the notifications directly from the SmartWatch, for example, WhatsApp and Instagram but what we’ve noticed is that as I’ve told you enough, use these smartwatches for almost two and a half years. Yes you can reply to notifications but most of the time when I was getting complicated notification, let’s say it’s just of WhatsApp and after reply I will reply you later, ok small words like this because they have voice recognition that’s fine but if you want to dictate to three sentences worth of things then it makes a lot of mistakes still.

So I was constantly actually pulling out my smartphone when I used notifications and replied via that. So in terms of notifications yes, simple notifications are fine with the smartwatches but again if you want to interact whether and do something a proper reply or something then you might 90% of the time would be pulling out your smartphone to do the same. so that is one thing you have to know.

Voice call

Now moving to another thing where these smartwatches have an edge as in terms of calls. Many of these smartwatches, for example, fossil Q Marshall has a microphone and you can actually take the cellular calls via this watch and yes it sort of works but I feel it on the gimmicky side.

We must have taken it about three or four times but again it’s not very practical because the other party would complain that yeah the voice is okay but it is not that clear. So in a pinch yes let’s say you have something your phone is in your pocket and your hands are full yes in that time you can take a voice call but again don’t expect that you will be taking the voice calls always with your smartwatch. So personally for us, we felt that was not a very important feature.  

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