Top 6 truly wireless earbuds or earphones 2019

top 5 wireless earbuds

Today we are going to talk about top 6 truly wireless earphones 2019. Now all of these you could get from amazon. The prices range from 70$ to 180$. So everything we are going to talk here is less than 200$. Now on the side note, these are not the top 6 earphones on the planet. These are just the top 5 that we like the most. Just the matter of fact let me tell you what we are going to do here, we are going to rank all them by there sound quality, feel and look.

  • Apple Airpods

apple airpods

All right so let’s get right into it. Now we’re going to start off with most loved one earphone Apple Airpods and it will run your 150$, battery life 5 hours with the case 24 hours. So 5 hours with the music time put them in the case you can rock them up to 24 hours. They do feature fast charge, 15 minutes charge will give you 3 hour worth of music and you also got the W1 chip.

so if you got an iphone, it’s going to connect to your phone effortlessly. We like how they sound, we like how they feel and look. They do look nice and sleek. These earphones they sound good but as far as using in the gym that’s a no-no. they will not stay in your ears. Everybody got different ears so they might stay in yours. Sound quality crystal clear, nice and loud. We definitely like them but not the most bass in the world as far as the feel, light weight, super comfortable. You can easily wear these all day.

  • Jabra elite 65T

jabra elite 65T

Let’s get into our next contender and that is Jabra elite 65T. Now he is going to run your 120$. The battery life is 5 hours, with the case 15 hours. They are dust and water resistant and Alexa voice enabled. Actually, they are providing 2 years warranty on dust and water resistant.

They are lightweight, nice and small. Sound quality crystal clear, nice and loud and lots of bass. The sound easily blowing the airpods out the water. Now as far as the feel, they are super comfortable, once you put these in the ear, they are not coming out. These will be perfect for the gym. We like the look as well after wearing. Not too big and goofy, not too crazy looking.

  • BOSE soundsport free

BOSE soundsport free

Next we will talk about BOSE soundsport free. Now he is going to run your 170$. Battery life is 5 hours, with the case another 10 hours. These are sweat and water resistant and you got the boss connect app that features find my buds. So if you lose one you can use the app to locate the buds.

The charging case of these earphones is a little bit big than the other earphone cases we are talking about. But trust me the sound quality of these is almost mind-blowing. So far these are the best, the bass is intense, the sound is crystal clear and these might be the loudest one we ever heard.

  • Sony SP 700n

Sony SP 700n

Next is Sony SP 700n extra bass wireless earphones. Now he is going to run you 150$. Battery life is 3 hours, with the case another 6 hours. They are water resistant, voice assistant and these reach a noise cancellation but the keywords extra bass. These earphones are little bit longer side. Now trying not to sound like a high beast but so far these ones just blew my mind.

The sound quality is crazy, now if you are looking for bass earbuds, these are the one that you are going to want. Now you have to download the same sony app that you use with all the Sony headphones. These earbuds give you noise cancellation option as well. We will gladly sacrifice the look for the weighty sound.

  • KNZ soundflux

knz soundflux

Next up we got the knz soundflux. Now he is going to run your 90$. The battery life is 3 hours. They are water resistant and they feature dual drivers. They have nice and small kind of looks like a little pill. Honestly, the sound is not that bad for 90$. The price is right.  Would say they sound a little bit better than the soul stx s. They are loud, they got little bit of bass but hearing the sony’s and bose I am not blown away. Now as far as the feel, they are lightweight, comfortable they slide right in the ears. They don’t move around so you can rock these to the gym.

  • Padmate PAMU

padmate PAMU

Next up we got the padmate PAMU. Now he is going to run your 70$. Battery life 3 ½  hours and they are sweat and water resistant. They got auto on and off, touch button control, splash and moisture resistant, 10 mtr transmission range and its about 30 feet. They are little bit on big side.

Alright we tried out these and honestly they sound okay but im not blown away. Now for 70$ we aint complaining. But they cant compete with none of the heavy hitters. They are loud and you got some bass. Now as far as they feel a little bit cumbersome, a little bit hard to get used to the way they slide in your ears and also we don’t like the pattern on these too.

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