Whatsapp Released Its Dark Theme Mode See How To Activate This

whatsapp dark theme mode
How to activate WhatsApp dark theme mode

The WhatsApp Dark Mode feature is finally being released after a long wait. Leaks about the feature have been seen online for several months. Many times there were reports that the company might not release this mode, but now WhatsApp has released the Dark Mode feature for its users.


This dark mode is only named ‘Dark’ on the Theme section within the settings of WhatsApp. This mode changes the entire UI of the app to a darker color. Apart from this, the app’s home screen and settings menu also become dark colored when starting this feature. Although inside the chat will remain the background selected by white or the user, but the chat bubble will come in a dark color.


Let us tell you, that WhatsApp has released the Dark Mode feature only for beta testers at present. There is no information been given about when this feature will be rolled out on the stable version. However, its release on the beta version makes sure that this feature can be released to all users soon.


WhatsApp has released this dark mode feature through an update. Beta testers can update their WhatsApp beta app through Google Play Store. This update updates the app to version 2.20.13. If you are a beta tester and you don’t see the update on the Google Play store yet.

How to enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp?

It is very easy to start a dark mode or a dark theme in WhatsApp. You can turn on WhatsApp Dark Mode in your phone by following the method given below


  1. First of all update your WhatsApp beta app through Google Play Store.
  2. After opening the app, now click on the three dot menu at the top left and go to “Settings”
  3. Now click on the “Chats” option here and click on “Theme”.
  4. Now you have to select the “Dark” option from the three options here and click OK. After doing this, dark mode will start in your WhatsApp.

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